Links of the day: Opening Day version

ESPN.com Illustration

Some recommended reading out there ...

  • We start out with Paul Lukas' Uni Watch preview for the season, which catalogs all the changes, specials, patches and everything else you can imagine.

  • Sticking to Page 2, Jim Caple writes about the Mariners celebrating their first Opening Day without announcer Dave Niehaus, who broadcast nearly every game in team history.

  • My colleagues over at ESPN New York have a fantastic list and photo gallery of the 50 greatest Yankees of all time. You can vote here. I was asked to participate in the initial voting. My top 10: Ruth, Mantle, Gehrig, Berra, Jeter, DiMaggio, Ford, Posada, Rivera, Dickey. I've written a post that's approaching 4,000 words on this topic but haven't published it yet. Maybe hold it for a rainy day.

And now some good stuff from the SweetSpot network ...

Finally ... Roger Clemens appeared on Mike & Mike and says he's not paying attention to the Barry Bonds trial.