Tuesday Taters

Today's links were inspired by the biggest October storm to hit Northern California since 1962 ...
• Yes, baseball still needs umpires ... but as Jonah Keri writes, perhaps not as much as you think.

Upon further review ...

• Wow. Dice-K's got his marching orders, that's for sure.

• Furman Bisher writes his last column ...

• ... and Steve Hummer begins to put Bisher's career into perspective.

• Meanwhile, I told you we haven't seen the last of Hal McCoy.

• As Steven Goldman notes, "We've got all bloody week to delve into" the American League Championship Series. And here's a start, anyway.

• Blogger (and soon-to-be author) Emma Span was on Jeopardy last night. The very first answer was Mickey Mantle ... but Emma couldn't get that darn buzzer working. I won't give away the ending, but Emma played it real smart.

Huston Street mans up.

• Speaking of Street, it's certainly fair to question the closer model, and yes the Rockies probably would have won if Jim Tracy had summoned Joe Beimel to face Ryan Howard. But it's still worth mentioning that the Rockies lost just one game all season when leading after eight innings. Sometimes things just happen.