Wednesday Wangdoodles

Because I know you love your bullets and your links ...
• Big League Stew's 'Duk offers five early NLCS storylines, which are fine so far as they go. I wonder, though, how many of these things we can actually predict beforehand.

• It didn't make my list of greatest baserunning blunders because it was inconsequential, but Jon Miller's call of the worst baserunning in the history of the game can be enjoyed again and again.

• Does Beane Count correlate with winning? As Capitol Avenue Club demonstrates (in detail), you'd better believe it!

• I'm a little hazy on his methodology -- except that he must have downloaded data into an Excel file, which scares me -- but I can't argue much with Joe Posnanski's 10 greatest hitters.

• Memo to White Sox, re: Scott Podsednik ... be very, very afraid.

• Finally, via Sports Business Journal we've got local TV ratings for this season's baseball broadcasts. They're not aggregated, but it looks to me like the ratings held steady this season or increased slightly. Which is about what I expected; a lot of the fans who didn't show up at the ballpark this season simply watched at home instead. Major League Baseball is doing just fine.

• Gosh, the Rays sure are stacked. It hardly seems fair that they have Wade Davis and Jeremy Hellickson, but maybe that's why the Almighty put them in a division with the Yankees and the Red Sox.

• And in case you're not paying attention yet, Memories of Kevin Malone asks the Padres to keep their grubby paws off Kim Ng and Logan White, It's About the Money endorses a three-man rotation for the Yankees, GoHalos.com dissects the Yankee bullpen, and Crashburn Alley meets the Dodgers.