Opening Day 2: Ubaldo Jimenez struggles

  • Ubaldo Jimenez allowed just seven runs over his first 11 starts in 2010. His 2011 debut was a little ugly, with six runs in six innings, including home runs to Miguel Montero and Justin Upton. Most worrisome (yes, it's Opening Day, so all worry even if we know it's just one game), he had just one strikeout. Jimenez had one two-strikeout game last season, but lasted just two innings that game. His strikeout low when pitching at least five innings was three.

  • You gotta love Arthur Rhodes, still going strong at 41. He just struck out Carl Crawford (third time Friday he's struck out), helping Texas hold its 5-4 lead through the top of the seventh. Now what I'd really like to see is Ron Washington use Neftali Feliz for a two-inning save. C'mon, Ron, you can do it.

  • Kevin Youkilis has never exactly been built like Nomar Garciaparra, but he looks a tad bit, shall we say, heavy. Just wondering how that will affect his range at third base.

  • Adrian Gonzalez: Meet your 2011 American League RBI leader.

  • E-mail from my friend Philbrick (Red Sox fan): "The following is being said at the Cask 'N Flagon right now: Forget Triple-A, Jon Lester should be released or put out of his misery Barbaro-style. It's over. The Red Sox aren't even getting the wild card. Who's good in college? Because Boston is getting the No. 1 pick this year."

  • The Pirates scored 587 runs last season, fewest in the NL. They were eighth in walks, but 14th in home runs and last in batting average. In theory, the lineup looks better than 16th ... but it's the same primary crew as last year, other than Lyle Overbay. One reason for their problem: their pitchers were horrible, hitting just .090 with six RBIs combined.

  • Carlos Pena, Aramis Ramirez, Alfonso Soriano: That would have been great in 2007 (105 combined home runs), but not sure how good they'll be in 2011.

  • If you can't say anything nice ... Carlos Santana is good. Very good. Enjoy him, Indians fans, because it may be a rough season otherwise.

  • Not to overreact to one game, but the middle of the White Sox order has a chance to mash a lot of home runs. The Cell may be the best home run park in the majors, so I expect Adam Dunn to top 40 again, after hitting 38 each of the past two seasons.