Vote: Which team should hit panic button?

As Yogi Berra didn't actually say but should have, "I'm not worried, but this slow start has me nervous."

In baseball, it's never too soon to panic. Just ask fans of these fans teams:

Boston Red Sox: The consensus World Series favorite, the Rangers hammered the Sox for 11 home runs and 26 runs in a three-game sweep.

Los Angeles Angels: The Angels lost three of four to the Royals, with the bullpen looking shaky and Scott Kazmir getting knocked out in the second inning of his start.

Milwaukee Brewers: Swept by division rival Cincinnati while getting outscored 23-11, Zack Greinke is on the DL and the hitters produced a 26/5 SO/BB ratio.

San Francisco Giants: They lost three of four to the Dodgers with right fielder Aubrey Huff and shortstop Miguel Tejada looking shaky in the field.

Tampa Bay Rays: Swept at home by the Orioles while hitting just .132 and now Evan Longoria is on the DL.