Photos and poll: Best hair of 2011?

OK, it's time to settle one of the most important debates of the 2011 season: Who has the best hair?

Beards seem to be the in thing, as I haven't seen this many beards since Glenn Hubbard, Bruce Sutter and Gene Garber played for the '85 Braves. I've yet to see another player attempt the Brian Wilson dye job, however. I've selected several of the expected candidates (scroll down for all the photos before voting in the poll). Let me know who I've missed in the comments section and we'll revisit the topic with a future post.

The candidates:

Bronson Arroyo, Reds: In the past, Arroyo has worn cornrows, gone short, sported a goatee, and grown long, wavy locks. This season he has a straight mullet that makes him look like he should be lacing up his skates for the 1985 Edmonton Oilers.

John Axford and Casey McGehee: I'm giving these teammates a dual entry nod, kind of like a Kentucky Derby trainer having two horses. Axford wears the 1890s-style mustache and soul patch while McGee has gone with the mountain man beard/shaved head combo.

Manny Ramirez: He didn't cut the dreadlocks over the winter. All that hair must cut down on his bat speed. No wonder he's not as good as he used to be.

Jayson Werth: He's back with the beard and long flowing locks.

Brian Wilson: Can he be dethroned? Maybe you're tired of the beard schtick? Should Tim Lincecum have been in the poll? Does Joba Chamberlain have potential?