Notes: Francona messing with Crawford?

I could go on a rant about Terry Francona being an idiot and messing with Carl Crawford's pysche by moving him to seventh in the lineup after just two games and then moving him back into the two-hole Tuesday night. I could do that but I think it would be overreacting. Consider:

(A) As Jonah Keri wrote, Crawford does have a legitimate platoon split against leftiesInsider. From a strategic standpoint, it makes sense to hit Crawford lower in the order against left-handers.

(B) Francona is known as a good communicator and for his loyalty, as witnessed by sticking with David Ortiz through that terrible start in 2009. He undoubtedly talked to Crawford before the game he hit him seventh.

No, that doesn't mean Crawford is happy about the move. I don't think he signed with the Red Sox to bat seventh. But teams move their lineups around all the time, due to injuries, slumps, platoons and so on. No team has anything resembling a "set lineup." And any manager worth his paycheck should be trying to field the best possible order, even if it may upset the player. If Crawford hits lefties, he'll be back up in the top three on a regular basis.

  • Rockies place Ubaldo Jimenez on 15-day DL. Jimenez has a cracked cuticle and the Rockies are being cautious, but he'll miss at least a couple starts. Stephania Bell writes about Jimenez's situation -- plus Adam Dunn and Mike Stanton -- in her latest injury reportInsider. Former No. 1 pick Greg Reynolds was recalled from Triple-A. Reynolds has been a major disappointment after Colorado drafted him second overall in 2006, just ahead of ... Evan Longoria. He received 13 starts in 2008 and got lit up to the tune of an 8.13 ERA. He wasn't any better in Double-A last season (45 K's in 89 innings, 5.22 ERA) and really has no place on a major league roster, a good spring notwithstanding.

  • Cubs place Andrew Cashner and Randy Wells on DL. Casey Coleman and James Russell likely to enter the rotation. These guys are organization fodder types, which isn't good news for the Cubs, especially if Cashner is out for an extended time. Bad break for the Cubs, as Wells in particular had a tremendous spring. Anyone want Carlos Silva back? This is why I picked the Reds in the NL Central, who had Mike Leake and Sam LeCure ready to step in for Johnny Cueto and Homer Bailey.

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