Wednesday Wangdoodles

You might be wondering, "Rob, what does this slightly different blog format mean for me, the Dear Reader?"
To which I might answer, "Not a whole lot, Dear Reader. If you had the old blog bookmarked, you'll have to update your bookmarks. If you had the old blog RSS'd, you'll have to update your feed. And since I'm now posting straight to the site -- from my fingers to your eyes, as it were -- I should be able to react a bit quicker to breaking stories.

For the most part, though, I'm the one who has to adjust; now it's a lot easier for me to get into serious trouble.

With that happy thought in mind, today's Link-o-Rama ...

• Allen Barra on how baseball has changed in the last 50 years.

• Via Beyond the Box Score, a solid interview with Cardinals VP Jeff Luhnow; did you know the Cardinals have four full-time employees devoted solely to objective analysis? I didn't.

• Yesterday, I briefly touched on Trey Hillman's idiocy -- I mean, I'm sorry, but what he did was idiotic -- and today you can read more about the excruciation from Rany Jazayerli and Joe Posnanski (and don't let the funny names fool you; they know their stuff!).

• Worried about CC Sabathia? Don't be. As R.J. Anderson demonstrates in great and graphical detail, Sabathia's Opening Day stuff was fine; he just missed with a few pitches. And that'll happen sometimes, even to him.

• Just wondering ... How did we live before pitchf/x? Case in point: Dave Allen's look at how umpires' strike zones change significantly, depending on the count.

• Victor Wang looks at projecting playing time; and while he certainly hasn't figured out how to it perfectly -- an impossible task, of course -- he does a great job of laying down the issues involved.

• The winningest program in college baseball history? You'd never guess.

• To celebrate the first full day of this format and my editorial freedom (to a point) -- oh, and because you demanded it -- I present to you (courtesy of UniWatch) ... Carlos Zambrano's stage-left nipple!