Wednesday Wangdoodles

Today's links were collected while I should have been Tweeting.
• Writing in The Wall Street Journal, Tim Marchman offers some of baseball's worst ideas.

• Bugs & Cranks interviews James Rodney Richard (and let me say, once more, that I actually dig those unis the Astros wore in the '70s).

This post is mostly about Joe Mauer's eventual return to action, but I sort of lost my train of thought upon discovering Mauer's awesome nickname: Man Muscles.

• As Ken Belson writes in the New York Times, both New York teams are having problems selling those premium seats. It's easy to focus on the embarrassment of all those empty plastic chairs, but the real problem is all the lost revenue.

• So the Mets have decided to preserve Dwight Gooden's signature, and build a wall with his and other great Mets' signatures. Gee, I wonder where they got that idea.

• Finally: Michael Salfino provides a few measures of needed restraint when discussing Coors Field East.

• I'm sure you've heard about the Florida kid who's now thrown four straight no-hitters. What I want to know is, who were the two kids who threw six straight no-hitters?

• As Dave Cameron writes, sometimes a slump is just a slump. And thus, we shouldn't be surprised to find that Fukudome lives!