Links: Tainted World Series titles

Meant to get this up earlier today, but better late than never. Some stuff worth checking out:

Barry Bonds

  • Buster Olney and Tim Kurkjian give their takes.

  • I agree with Jon Heyman over at Sports Illustrated: Best ballplayer I've ever seen. Put him in the Hall and leave the morality debates to Arthur Miller plays and political talk shows.

  • The Common Man had an interesting list over at The Platoon Advantage showing that every World Series champion since 1995 has had a player on its roster tainted with PEDs at one time or another. OK, Larry Bigbie wasn't exactly instrumental to the 2006 Cardinals, but this further reinforces that what happened is what happened, and you can't rewrite the history books. (See: 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl champions.)

Other fun stuff