Twitterview: Q&A with Logan Morrison

Logan Morrison is one of baseball's best young players. After breaking into the majors last July, the 23-year old outfielder lost his father Tom, a non-smoker who died of lung cancer at the age of 51. Morrison was off to a torrid start this season, hitting .327 with four home runs and 11 RBIs in his first 15 games, but Tuesday night against the Pirates, the man known as "Lomo" injured his left foot running to first base.

The injury was first diagnosed as a strained arch, but as Morrison sat at Sun Life Stadium Wednesday waiting for word on the severity of his injury, he joined me for an interview via Twitter. Morrison is a frequent tweeter, so as many of his fans followed, we had this conversation. It's the Lomo Twitterview, in 140 characters or fewer.

SB -- Last season, how did you cope with all the emotions of breaking into MLB & losing your father all in the same year?

LOMO -- It wasn't to hard. I knew it's what he would have wanted me to do. Plus I thought he would be ok.

SB -- You hit your first MLB HR last Aug 27th off Tommy Hanson in Atl. When you picture that moment, what do you see?

LOMO - I see the ball going over the fence and angels singing!!

SB -- You spent 8 days this winter overseas visiting troops in Asia & Germany. What was the coolest part about that trip?

LOMO -- the look on the trooops faces when they saw the mermaids dance.

SB -- What mermaids?

LOMO -- mermaids r our dance team for the marlins.

SB -- Are you a fan of MLB teams having dance teams and if so, why?

LOMO -- yes, it helps me focus!!

SB -- You played at Maple Woods CC in KC, which also produced Albert Pujols. How do you compare to Pujols as a hitter?

LOMO -- I don he's the best! I'm not very good.

SB -- you're raking: .327, 4 HR, 11 RBI, .626 slg%, 1.061 OPS. How would you classify your start then?

LOMO -- lucky

SB -- You are perhaps MLB's most prolific Tweeter, which is why we're doing this on Twitter. What do you like about Twitter?

LOMO -- I like relating and talking with the fans! It's fun to hear their thoughts, for the most part!

SB -- You seem to mention ex-girlfriends a lot in your tweets. Do you have a tortured romantic past?

LOMO -- yes, I am damaged goods... jk I'm hardly ever serious on tweeter. So people should take things so seriously -- excuse me twitter.

SB -- There's also a LomoDimples who tweets as your pet Silverback Gorilla. How did you teach a gorilla to use Twitter?

LOMO -- its about as hard as getting a MRI read around here! Jk.. Dimples is very smart it wasn't hard. He uses the sliverback app. He pounds his chest and roars. Then it translates it to 140 characters and posts it on twitter.]

It was at this point that Dimples broke into the Twitterview and tweeted, "I'm still surprised reporters figured this Twitter thing out!"

That was followed by another Tweeter, scolding Dimples for interrupting by saying, "Shut it. The oracle is conducting his interview w/SBerthiaumeESPN. What is wrong w/u?

We now return to the LoMo Twitterview.

SB -- You mentioned the MRI. Are you tweeting this while wearing a boot & using crutches? How is your foot exactly?

LOMO -- I am.. My foot is sore. It hurts to walk. Not sure what is wrong with it. I have not seen a doc.

SB -- Really hope you're OK. If you could design any aspect of the Marlins new stadium next year, what would you put in?

LOMO -- actually they already have it. A hot tub in left field. Night clubs n south beach r going to rent it out! Good luck getting me to pay attention!

SB -- This is the last question. If this were a game, and you were all done: what would be a typical LoMo post-game activity?

LOMO -- I can't tell you that. One it's not appropriate. Two I'd have to kill you. Jk, dinner and drinks. Then on twitter.

SB -- Lomo thanks a lot: appreciate it! Hope you're feeling OK so I can drop some "LoMo" references in Baseball Tonight hi-lites.

LOMO -- you know the only time I'm on there is when I'm striking out against an ace! Thanks man!

Finally, a scolded Dimples tweeted in again, "Can I interview next?"

I'll be conducting a Twitterview with MLB players throughout the season. Follow along @SBerthiaumeESPN.