Podcast: Can Brewers afford Fielder?

Top five reasons why you should listen to Thursday's Baseball Today podcast, with myself and SweetSpot star David Schoenfield:

1. Like everyone else, we discussed the embarrassing Dodgers situation, but do we think MLB should have gotten involved? Will MLB need to run the Mets too? Any other teams?

2. If the Dodgers win it all, should Bud Selig get a World Series ring? Hey, I'd like a ring, too!

3. Don't look at the standings until May. A certain AL Central team seemingly scuffling along proves why early-season schedules are problematic.

4. Who is the unluckiest pitcher in baseball and why doesn't every free agent has-been pitcher just order their agents to make a deal with the San Diego Padres?

5. Feeling svelte and apparently judgmental, we discuss some of the “larger” stars from Wednesday, like Bartolo Colon and Prince Fielder.

Plus: Excellent emails and we preview the "aces" scheduled to pitch Thursday, including Mike Leake, Josh Beckett and, of course, Brandon McCarthy! Enjoy! We'll be back Friday as well with Mark Simon.