Links: Attendance, debt, Eck's app

Do you like the idea of expanding the baseball playoffs? Is a one-game winner-take-all playoff your cup of tea? Vote here and see what other fans think.

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Links for Friday morning

  • CNBC's Darren Rovell had a good piece a couple days ago on baseball's early attendance problems -- or should I say, baseball's perceived attendance problems. Rovell reports that attendance is only down about 300 fans per game so far. And this despite cold and wet weather in the Northeast and near-freezing temperatures in the Midwest -- it was 34 degrees and a few snowflakes appeared the other night at Wrigley. Yes, there have been a lot of empty seats and places like Cleveland, Seattle and the Mets have set attendance lows for their new parks. But it's only April. Let's hold off at least until July before we declare baseball dead.

  • Buster Olney offers his opinion on adding a second wild-card team and the situation with the Dodgers.

  • Related to Frank McCourt and the Dodgers, It's About the Money is taking a look at the problem of debt in baseball. The Dodgers aren't the only team with a big, big issue here.

  • Michael Wilbon does not like the idea of another playoff team.

  • Matt Meyers of ESPN Insider shows why major league managers are writing in the wrong batting orders.

  • Also on ESPN Insider, Kevin Goldstein with a good look at the four factors that go into promoting prospects. Yes, Angels fans are already asking Mike Trout will get the call.

  • Over at The Platoon Advantage, Bill is looking back at the great 2001 season. At some point I need to do a post on greatest seasons; I think 2001 has to rank up there.

  • Sticking with TPA, The Common Man looks at the 1936 Boston Bees -- a team the National League had to take over.

  • Anything that includes John Olerud and Hall of Fame discussion gets my endorsement. Especially when it comes from Joe Posnanski.

  • Dennis Eckersley has an iPhone app.