Podcast: Eric and Mark's power rankings

Top five reasons why you should listen to Monday's really long Baseball Today podcast with myself and Mark Simon:

1. The Red Sox and Rays are on fire! Hmm, which one of us gave up on those teams a mere 10 days into the season? Let's see where they place in each of our Monday power rankings.

2. One could make the case the two best teams in the game placed their respective closers on the disabled list this weekend. Which of those bullpens is really in trouble?

3. What is Game Score and why was last week such a surprising one for some starting pitchers like Anibal Sanchez?

4. How many games should the regular season schedule be? I admit we're pretty unimaginative, but if the number 162 is all we've ever known ...

5. Quick, name three members of the 1976 Oakland Athletics that stole an incredible 341 bases! Herb Washington wasn't on that team, but it didn't stop me from comparing a current major leaguer to Herb, and reminiscing about Vince Coleman.

Plus: Excellent emails on lefty knuckleballers, the best defensive middle infield ever, what we're writing about (pitcher walk-offs and A.J. Burnett) and let's all celebrate Dillon Gee's birthday! Enjoy White Sox-Yankees tonight!