Podcast: How wise was Bautista's contract?

Top five reasons why you really must listen to Tuesday's Baseball Today podcast with myself and Keith Law:

1. Interesting night in the Bronx for Phil H ... well, for both of these pitchers! Can the White Sox and Yankees count on either of these right-handed arms?

2. It's a new era for Brandon Wood in Pittsburgh, and Mr. Law shares his take on the once-top prospect, as well as a discussion on Pacific Coast League stadiums.

3. OK, Jose Bautista is obviously good, but have we changed our stance on whether his contract was wise or not?

4. The words Kyle Lohse and sample size are uttered ... but will you be surprised at our optimism of this St. Louis Cardinals right-hander?

5. Who is Anthony Rizzo and why might he matter really, really soon? We "hop" on the Rizzo bandwagon.

Plus: Excellent emails, where is Wade Townsend, that Jered Weaver guy is really good and so much more on Tuesday's Snarky ... um, I mean Baseball Today!