Fantasy update: The Eddie Plank All-Stars

A little timeout to talk some fantasy baseball. And, yes, that's the name of the team -- named in honor of Hall of Famer Eddie Plank, the pride of Gettysburg, Pa. Back at the start of the season, I wrote a post on my fantasy team -- you can read about spending $42 on Adrian Gonzalez here -- and put it to a vote, and the readers said it's OK to write about the once in awhile. Consider it a fun diversion.

OK, you can check out all the league rosters here. It's a 5x5, 18-team league with six-man benches. Entering Wednesday, I'm in fifth place, but just five points out of second. Fantasy writer Tristan Cockroft, fueled by Dan Haren and Pablo Sandoval, has the big early lead. As predicted, I'm getting killed in saves -- next-to-last in that category, although I caught a break with Jose Contreras getting injured, moving Ryan Madson into the closer role. I'll also need Frank Francisco to start getting some saves for the Blue Jays. But I may need to explore the trade market.

Despite a slow start from our $42 man (1 HR), I actually lead in RBIs (I knew Jeff Francoeur would have a big year!) and rank third in home runs. I'm feeling pretty good about the offense -- other than Francoeur, nobody is playing over the heads and Shin-Soo Choo is also off to a slow start.

Jered Weaver has carried the pitching staff and John Danks has pitched well despite no wins, but I'm worried about Colby Lewis and Clay Buchholz. With Dallas Braden out, I probably need to pick up another starter. We have a $200 "free agent budget" for the year. You bid each week and the highest bidder gets the player. I picked up Daniel Murphy this week. I would rank the best available starters as (in no particular order): Dustin Moseley, Doug Fister, Philip Humber, Chris Volstad, Paul Maholm. Slim pickings. So this week's vote: Who should I try to pick up for next week?

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