Podcast: What's wrong with the Twins?

Here are the top five reasons you must listen to Thursday's Baseball Today podcast, led by SweetSpot blogger and Seattle Mariners fan David Schoenfield, with a minor assist from me:

1. The Rays are over .500! The Rays are over .500! And you wouldn't believe who the team MVP is.

2. Meanwhile, the Twins are under .500, but nobody's using exclamation points. Whose fault is it? Joe Mauer? Francisco Liriano? The weather? Roger Goodell's?

3. Bullpens are a mess all over baseball, but which contending team should worry the most about its relievers?

4. We're sadly breaking the heart of 14-year-old girl in Bellevue, La. Why would we continue to do such a terrible thing? This is sadder than the San Diego Padres' offense.

5. Thursday's pitching matchup to watch might be a bit one-sided, if home/road splits for one right-hander continue to form.

Plus: Excellent emails about defined roles, Ozzie's tweeting knows no bounds, more about Ryan Vogelsong that you ever wanted to know and a preview of Friday's theme, with everyone and their plumber taking sides. Who's with me? All this and more on Thursday's Baseball Today!