ICYMI: SweetSpot hits, Week 11

If we discuss nothing else, can we just sit back and rejoice in the gloriousness of the arm accuracy and strength of Yoenis Cespedes? I mean, first we had this one (and check out the science side of it) and he backed it up the next day with another. It's almost like he's letting the ball get by him just so he can hose down the runner. Almost. Dave Schoenfield weighed in on the whole thing here, too. On to the week that was around The SweetSpot Network, where the crew will get into all things draft-related, Machado-related, Kendrys-related and other good stuff.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Inside the 'Zona

Getting Lucky By Design: Entering 2013, A.J. Pollock was sixth on the outfield depth chart -- yet he's proven to be one of the most valuable outfielders in the game. Ryan P. Morrison examines several ways in which MLB teams can put themselves in a position to get lucky. Follow on Twitter: @InsidetheZona.

Atlanta Braves: Chop County

Braves 2014 draft picks 1-2

Braves 2014 draft picks 3-10

Braves 2014 draft picks 11-20

Read all about the Braves top-20 picks in the 2014 draft. Follow on Twitter: @gondeee.

Baltimore Orioles: Camden Depot

Manny Machado's tough season and even tougher weekend: Matt Perez looks into the troubles Manny Machado has faced. Much attention has been placed upon his bat-throwing tantrum, but more probably should be given to his troubles in the batter's box. Follow on Twitter: @CamdenDepot.

Boston Red Sox: Fire Brand of the American League

On the Red Sox’s power outage: Oh where, oh where has the Red Sox’s power gone? Oh where, oh where could it be? Follow on Twitter: @AlexSkillin.

Chicago White Sox: The Catbird Seat

Ventura's blunders cost the White Sox again: Nick Schaefer says Robin Ventura's mistakes in Anaheim go beyond bad strategy, and indicate a disregard for the larger goals of the franchise. Follow on Twitter: @TheCatbird_Seat.

Colorado Rockies: Rockies Zingers

Rockies revamp rotation, bolstered by Bergman: Scott Fults profiles the minor league past and major league debut of Christian Bergman, who gave the injury-riddled rotation a much needed shot in the arm. Follow on Twitter: @RockiesZingers.

Minnesota Twins: Twins Daily

Morales signing signals shift in Twins' mind-set: The addition of Kendrys Morales certainly improves Minnesota's lineup, but Nick Nelson writes that the implications run deeper than that. Follow on Twitter: @TwinsDaily.

New York Yankees: It's About The Money

Appreciating Brian McCann's defense: Brian McCann isn't doing much offensively but Katie Sharp takes a look at his defensive numbers and it turns out, he's doing pretty well. Follow on Twitter: @ktsharp.

Kelley's return a very welcome one: Shawn Kelley is finally back in the bullpen after being injured over a month. Brad Vietrogoski tells us why this is a good thing for the rest of the pen. Follow on Twitter: @IIATMS.

San Francisco Giants: West Coast Bias

Instant Replay -- A different human element: Connor Grossman dissects the newly installed instant replay system in Major League Baseball and discusses its downfalls. In addition, a slightly revised system is proposed. Follow on Twitter: @GiantsBaseball.

St. Louis Cardinals: Fungoes

Shutouts a recipe for Cardinals’ success: The Cardinals pitching staff (and defense) have shut out opponents an amazing and league-leading 13 times already. How are they doing it? Follow on Twitter: @fungoes.

Jason Rosenberg is the founder of It's About the Money, a proud charter member of the SweetSpot Network. IIATMS can be found on Twitter here and here as well as on Facebook.