Podcast: Hayhurst, spring news, Trout

After getting a chance to watch some spring training in baseball in Arizona, and sighing at being back in the Northeast, it was time to tape Tuesday’s Baseball Today podcast with Arizona resident Keith Law (he gets to stay!). We had many interesting topics:

1. Special guest pitcher/author Dirk Hayhurst joined us to discuss his new book "Out Of My League," but also to reacquaint us with the Garfoose and share thoughts on his future adventures in a new country.

2. If you know KLaw you know he can’t be pleased with MLB adding two wild card teams. Hear his reasons and my gripe as well.

3. We check in on hotshot young players Bryce Harper and Mike Trout to see if their chances of making the Opening Day roster have changed, and also discuss other spring news, including an unfortunate Alex White situation.

4. A pair of young National League outfielders recently signed long-term contract extensions, but were their teams really the biggest winners, rather than the players?

5. It’s email time! Among the topics were our opinions on whether teams have or need faces of the franchise, and the ongoing myth about lineup protection.

So download and listen to Tuesday’s Baseball Today podcast, teeming with entertainment and information, and check us out next week. The show goes daily the week of March 19, and we can’t wait!