Brandon Wood's latest detour

Gleeman on the news that the Angels are sending Brandon Wood to the Arizona Fall League:

    Wood has clearly fallen out of the Angels' plans after hitting .180 with a brutal 128/11 K/BB ratio through 431 career plate appearances and in theory the AFL is a place to showcase him in front of the maximum number of scouts, but even if he thrives there I'm not sure how impressed other teams will be with a 25-year-old beating up on Single-A and Double-A pitchers.

I'm not sure, either.

Wait. I am sure. I'm sure that other teams won't be impressed at all. I'm sure that if other teams were going to be impressed by Brandon Wood, they already would have been impressed and the Angels would have already traded him.

This is charity, plain and simple. Brandon Wood's been in the Angels' organization for more than seven years and he's been a good soldier. He just hasn't been a good hitter. Not in the majors, anyway. In 330 Triple-A games he's triple-slashed .283/.350/.536, and you would think that a guy with those numbers might eventually find his stroke with the big club.

But that just hasn't happened, and it's hard to figure how a few weeks of beating up kid pitchers in the desert is going to change anything. For the Angels' sake, let's just hope they're doing this because they love Brandon Wood, and not because they don't have enough promising young players to fill their AFL quota.