Oscar gambles: Baseball movies to do

It's Oscar night, and I'm sure some significant portion of all y'all will watch them. It might be just be me, but every year it seems like I'm disappointed that there aren't more baseball movies being made, let alone Oscar-worthy baseball movies. A couple of years ago I came up with a list of baseball topics that would make great movies over at Baseball Prospectus.

I was, and still am, curious what baseball movies other people would love to see made, but my short list 10-1 was: Jane Leavy's novel Squeeze Play, Jim Thorpe's life, the 1890s Orioles, Give 'Em The Bird: The Semi-True Life and times of the San Diego Chicken, Roberto Clemente, the cocaine scandals of the '80s, Bill Veeck, Pete Rose, Billy Martin and Jackie Robinson. In the spirit of the occasion, let me know what you think of my initial concepts, and let's hear a few of your own.