Podcast: Breaking down latest news

The Baseball Today podcast returned for Tuesday as a spirited Mark Simon and myself tackled many topics, not all of them the most pleasant. Then again, all is right with the world when your fave team signs Dontrelle Willis!

1. Ugh, Ryan Braun, are you kidding me? We both want to see how this ends up before reaching full judgment, but regardless, it’s a shame one of baseball’s top stars has seen his reputation sullied. We also discuss the MVP award subject.

2. Meanwhile, good news for the Brewers, as they sign Aramis Ramirez to handle third base. Then again, one of us doesn’t think that news is all that good. We also deal with some of the other signings and trades, including Trevor Cahill to Arizona.

3. In our Simon Says segment, Mark discusses his latest project, delving into the top defensive games of the season, and also waxes poetic about Burke Badenhop. Hey, relief pitchers should be inexpensive!

4. Our ridiculous email of the week dealt with the San Francisco Giants and their litany of first basemen, but we only received the email thanks to our trusty, um, intern.

5. Our special guest of the week was Sam Miller, from Baseball Prospectus and the Orange County Register, and the "Mark Simon of the West Coast" was a good sport about the serious topics (Angels and Albert Pujols) and the not-so-serious ones (whither Mark DeRosa!).

So download and listen to Tuesday’s Baseball Today podcast, because it’s the right thing to do! We’ll be back next Tuesday with Keith Law. Have a great week!