ChiSox out-splash Tigers and Twins

Let's offer a bit of tribute to the American League Central. It might not be the best division, but all three contenders are trying to get better this season and the Indians are trying to get better in the future (which leaves only the Royals, but nobody should be surprised by them anymore).
Just under the wire, the White Sox made the biggest splash:

Four pitchers for one? They're all prospects, but one does wonder who's going to be scoring and driving in runs for the Padres during the next few seasons. Maybe somebody's figuring that Kevin Kouzmanoff and Chase Headley will finally start hitting like they are supposed to.
The other thing about this ... I'm all for quantity, particularly when there's a fair amount of quality, too; all four young pitchers were ranked among the White Sox's top-30 prospects before this season. The A's are trying this same thing right now, though, and so far I'm not impressed with the results. I'm not saying it can't work, or won't. It can, and it might. But gosh, the growing pains sure can be painful. It's hard to imagine the Padres becoming truly competitive at any point before 2012.

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