Monday Mendozas

They say it's better to have played in and lost a conference championship game than never to have played at all. I'm not so sure.

* I'm sure you've already read Doug Glanville's take on steroids. But have you seen Craig Calcaterra's take on Glanville's take?

* Same subject, here's Tommy John with some good sense.

* For roughly 35 years I've been a Vikings fan and a Royals fan. After Sunday night, you know what it means to be a Vikings fan. Here's what it means to be a Royals fan.

* I honestly don't know if anybody reading this really cares about old-time baseball. But I care, and I felt the loss of Bobby Bragan keenly last week. I wish I'd known Bragan as well as Randy Galloway did.

* Yeah, this is nuts.

* Tangotiger's cool with the BBWAA sponsoring a Jerome Holtzman Award ... as long as the BBWAA doesn't vote for the Jerome Holtzman Award.

* From Baseball Prospectus and David Laurila, a good long interview with Jack Zduriencik.

* I don't really understand what the Rogue's Baseball Index is, or what it's going to be. I sure do like the way it looks, though.

* The "official" clip seems to have disappeared, but if you didn't see it last year when you had the chance, I'm pretty sure that if you Google "Conan O'Brien baseball" you'll find something worth watching.