Gary Redus' season for the ages

Fun piece from Doug Williams at ESPN Playbook on Gary Redus' 1978 season with Billings of the Pioneer League, one of those legendary minor league seasons us baseball nerds are familiar with. In 68 games, Redus hit .462 with 17 home runs and 42 stolen bases and -- get this -- scored 100 runs. In 68 games.

Redus, who went on to a 13-year major league career, is now retired and living in Alabama, but remembers that season fondly:

"You’ve heard the stories about Michael Jordan when he said he was shooting and the basket looked huge, like he wasn’t going to miss? Well, when I was swinging, there were very few pitchers that I thought could get me out. I didn’t swing at a lot of bad pitches, didn’t strike out a lot. I just made good, hard contact."

Random idea: Best minor league seasons since 1978 ... I'll have to put that one in the hopper for a slow summer day.