Manager interviews: Bud Black

DALLAS -- Some comments from Padres manager Bud Black:

  • On Cameron Maybin's development in 2011: "Any time a player gets more reps, he's going to better. We think he's going to show improvement (in 2012). He plays a premium position and does a lot of things on the baseball field."

  • On interleague play now being stretched all season and what it means: "I don't think it has a grand impact on scouting or anything like that. It would be nice to be able to set your roster for interleague games, to make you sure you get the guy DHing that you want to DH."

  • On using Nick Hundley and John Baker in the same game: "I could see that, yes." (Black said it would be unlikely, however, that the Padres would carry a third catcher."

  • On Jesus Guzman: "He was arguably our best hitter in the second half, both in terms of average and production. He's proven that he can hit. He was more than adequate at first base and he handled left field OK."