Podcast: Discussing Dodgers, Mauer, OBP

Here are the top five reasons why Tuesday’s Baseball Today podcast with myself and Keith Law was so compelling you’d be wise to download and listen ... or something like that:

1. Personally, I think some of this Los Angeles Dodgers mess -- on the field, of course -- is a bit overstated, but we did have a nice debate about it. Everyone seems to want the same resolution, except one guy.

2. The Cleveland Indians gave their best third baseman a promotion, and Lonnie Chisenhall delivered a few hits Monday night. What’s his upside, and how long before the team’s best second baseman is helping him?

3. At which position should the Minnesota Twins be playing Joe Mauer? Again, Law and I raised some interesting and differing viewpoints on the matter.

4. The Kansas City Royals make a major rotation announcement because of ... Kyle Davies! OK, but seriously folks, what works best, five-man, six-man or another type of rotation?

5. It’s all about the on-base percentage, as we compare a few National League infielders ... and even throw in that Albert Pujols fellow as well.

Plus: Excellent emails, more on the Jim Riggleman disaster, my ideal final four for October baseball, April games versus September ones, the art of bunting and a comprehensive look at Tuesday’s schedule, all on Baseball Today!