Podcast: Red Sox top Power Rankings

We played out of position on Monday's Baseball Today podcast. I filled in for usual host Eric Karabell, joined by Steve Berthiaume (@sberthiaumeespn) of "Baseball Tonight" and Twitter fame. Five reasons to listen as we attempt to have the same kind of success that Blue Jays middle infielder Mike McCoy had on the mound Saturday ...

1. Find out Steve's new favorite word when it comes to talking Red Sox. And which "blast from the past" team do the 2011 Red Sox remind us of most?

2. Steve defends his position and blog post on the pitcher win and hypes up the major league leader in opponents' line-drive percentage.

3. We talk about the value of a throwing arm on the left side of the infield. Steve and I devise a means of tracking the cannons at shortstop and third base. Coming soon to a television near you?

4. We go behind the scenes of "Baseball Tonight." Steve provides a lesson on biblical history and why he uses it with a particular Phillies slugger.

5. Power rankings. Where do we have the Indians this week? Eric's slotting, done by proxy, may surprise and intrigue you.

Plus plenty of Mets mocking and a new way to describe unearned runs.