Podcast: First-half review, weekend preview

Friday represented the final Baseball Today podcast before the All-Star break, and Mark Simon and I took it seriously enough to talk award winners, playoff teams, recap Thursday, preview the weekend and much more!

1. David Wright continues to make one of us smile, but is he the first-half MVP in the NL? We also name our Cy Young winners, rookies, managers and whether the Red Sox playoff-bound.

2. Who do you want up to the plate with a 3-2 count? We’ve got numbers, loads of numbers.

3. An emailer wants to debate the value power hitters Adam Dunn and Jose Bautista bring with their low batting averages. Isn’t there a more important statistic those fellas provide?

4. If you could go back in baseball history and witness a game or event that occurred, what would it be?

5. It’s a Yankees-Red Sox weekend, but that’s hardly the only interesting series to watch!

So download and listen to Friday’s fun Baseball Today podcast and have a great weekend! On Monday Keith Law and I will record the show from Kansas City, Mo.!