Introducing your spring training All-Stars

This is always fun. And a reminder that spring training stats are meaningless. But fun. Your 2011 spring training All-Stars:

C Buster Posey, Giants: He's hitting .422/.544/.711, plays great defense, shows precocious leadership skills, is helping pay part of Barry Zito's salary, generates his free time to visiting sick children, volunteers at an animal shelter, offers free batting tips to kids after games, runs five miles a day and enjoys reading the classics on his off days. Now, if he could only get Tim Lincecum to eat a healthy diet.

1B Kila Ka'aihue, Royals: With a .411/.476/.875 line, seven homers and 20 RBIs, he's our 2011 spring training MVP!

2B Willie Bloomquist, Diamondbacks: Hitting .400 in 65 at-bats. All these years, all he needed was a chance to play every day.

3B Alex Rodriguez, Yankees: Hitting .404 with six home runs. Test that popcorn!

SS Alcides Escobar, Royals: Hitting .358 with five home runs. Looks like the Royals won the Zack Greinke trade.

OF Alex Gordon, Royals: Hitting .353/.470/.750, with six home runs and 23 RBIs in 23 games. Well, he has always hit minor league pitching.

OF Mike Morse, Nationals: He's mashed to the tune of a .365 average with nine home runs. The Mariners called. They want him back to hit cleanup. (Sadly, that's not actually a joke. He could be their cleanup hitter.)

OF Melky Cabrera, Royals: Hitting .483 with 18 RBIs in 23 games. I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get excited about the Royals.

UT Jake Fox, Orioles: With 10 home runs and seven doubles, Fox has produced an .808 slugging percentage, making him the Barry Bonds of spring training ... minus the court dates, the walks and the ex-mistress talking about your physique. Although who knows what Fox looks like with his shirt off.

P Justin Verlander, Tigers: 3-0, 0.96 ERA, 23/3 SO/BB ratio. Bring on the Yankees.

P Taylor Buchholz, Mets: He's pitched the most innings of anyone this spring to not allow a run (14). And you were worried about the Mets.

P Roy Halladay, Phillies: 4-0, 0.42 ERA, one run in 21.2 innings. But he's walked six guys, so maybe Phillies fans should be concerned.

P Kyle McClellan, Cardinals: 4-0, 0.78 ERA, 12 hits in 23 innings. The Royals need to trade for this guy to ensure their pennant hopes!

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