Podcast: Talking with David Cone

Here are five reasons to listen to Friday's packed -- and I mean packed -- Baseball Today podcast with myself and partner in statistical crime Mark Simon:

1. Mark interviews former pitcher/idol David Cone, who not only played baseball at a high level, but understands the game better now than one might think: He's a fan of the new stats like WAR.

2. More on the unfortunate Buster Posey injury, focusing on the good Brandon Belt can bring to the champs, more debate on what catchers go through and Mark compares backstops to a football position.

3. Do you have Baseball ESP? No, not ESPN, but ESP? Do you call out what the next hitter will do before it happens? We do!

4. Mark tells the story of something Rocky Colavito did when he wasn't smacking home runs at the plate, and its significance in the wake of Wilson Valdez’s feat.

5. Memorial Day weekend starts off the summer, but when it ends it's time to take a closer look at the standings. We explain while discussing the most critical matchups of the weekend.

Plus: Excellent emails, extra innings in the minor leagues, how R.A. Dickey can blame his injury on Daniel Murphy, Micah Owings comes up big, a Nick Markakis record that might not be a record, the most letters from pitcher to hitter in one at-bat, who is Harry Danning and why I will never forget Steve Jeltz. Have a safe, healthy and happy Memorial Day weekend, and we'll be back talking baseball on Tuesday!