Buccaneers morning report

TAMPA, Fla. -- It’s Tuesday, which is a day off for players, but not for Mike Glennon.

Coach Greg Schiano made it a point Monday to proudly mention that Glennon would be at One Buc Place on Tuesday to start digesting the game plan. Take that as a sign that former starter Josh Freeman is gone, but he’s not forgotten.

Part of the reason Freeman is gone is because he didn’t spend as much time at One Buc Place as Schiano wanted on Tuesdays. There was one Tuesday last year when Freeman didn’t show up until 6:30 p.m. because he was doing a photo shoot for a magazine.

Meantime, let’s take a run through some items worth noting.

Tom Jones writes that the Glazer family, which owns the team, needs to step forward and talk about the current mess. That’s a nice idea, but I doubt it will happen. The Glazers aren’t Jerry Jones. They don’t like being in the spotlight. But, in their private way, they can’t be happy with what has transpired so far this season.

Scott Reynolds writes that the Bucs should fire Schiano now. I think that’s slightly premature. Things aren’t going well and Schiano deserves most of the blame. But I also think he deserves a few more game with Glennon to see if there is any progress. Besides, going the route of an interim coach seldom accomplishes much.