Buccaneers need to work on second half

TAMPA, Fla. -- Between the Josh Freeman saga and the MRSA infection soap opera, there have been a lot of times lately where I’ve been reminded of the days when Sam Wyche was coaching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Those days were crazy as the Wyche-led Bucs never seemed to have a dull day. Those days also were largely unproductive, but maybe there’s a lesson to be learned. Back in the Wyche days, the Bucs were having trouble right after halftime and that was contributing to a lot of losses.

One day, Wyche pulled his team off the field right in the middle of practice. He put the players through their halftime routine -- speech and all -- and brought them back out for another hour of practice. The stunt didn’t end up helping the Bucs, but maybe current coach Greg Schiano might want to try this again.

The current Bucs have yet to score a point in the third quarter this season. They’ve totaled only 13 points in the second half through five games.

Wyche’s off-the-wall tactics never worked with the Bucs. But maybe they’re worth another try.