Trade deadline approaching for Bucs

TAMPA, Fla. -- The NFL trading deadline comes Tuesday afternoon and I’m not expecting any major moves out of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Part of that is because, unlike baseball and basketball, the NFL just doesn’t have a lot of trades. But part of that is because there aren’t a lot of logical reasons for the Bucs to be active.

I can’t see them trading for a player because it’s not like a single player, or even a couple players, will come in and fix all the problems of an 0-7 team. Besides, it likely would take draft picks for the Bucs to add any players. Even though there’s no guarantee they still will be around next year, general manager Mark Dominik and coach Greg Schiano would be doing the team a disservice by trading away draft picks that are needed for long-term fixes.

If there’s any movement at all, I see a slight chance the Bucs could trade a player on their current roster for a draft pick. But even that’s a long shot because it’s not like the Bucs are loaded with depth at any position.