Greg Schiano: Bucs need to throw less

TAMPA, Fla. – With a little extra time to evaluate his team after a Thursday night game, Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano said the team hasn’t been fair to rookie quarterback Mike Glennon.

In his four starts, Glennon has averaged 45.25 passes per game, including 51 attempts in the last game.

“I think we’ve put Mike in a bad spot,’’ Schiano said. “He’s throwing too many passes. Even the last game, we had to throw at the end of the game. Yeah, we did but, within the first three quarters we should have ran the ball more. I’m disappointed in myself for not making sure that happened. I can see how it happens. I’m not being judgmental on anybody.

“But we shouldn’t put him in that spot as coaches. We’ve reevaluated that and we’re going to try to play a little more balanced. I think what happens is we’re very comfortable with the way Mike reads things out, so it gets you excited and you want to do things. It’s like having a new toy, but it’s not the best thing for us.’’

Schiano prides himself on having an offense that relies on running the ball first and then taking some shots down the field. But that formula has gotten out of kilter in recent weeks.

Still, Schiano said he’s seeing signs Glennon can be his quarterback for the long term.

“If he can continue developing the way he is,’’ Schiano said. “The last two weeks, zero interceptions, reading things out the way we ask, continuing to get better at the deep ball, more mobile than I think people thought he would be. Really, I didn’t know how mobile he’d be. He’s shown some escape ability with the ability to keep his eyes down the field and throw the ball, rather than look to run.’’

Schiano’s highest praise for Glennon might also be interpreted as a shot at former quarterback Josh Freeman. Schiano and Freeman clashed and Freeman struggled in three outings as the starter before being benched.

“I think we’ve got a quarterback we can work through it with because he gets it,’’ Schiano said.