Jameis Winston has some fun with family of Gators fans

TAMPA, Fla. -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston may bleed garnet and gold for his Florida State Seminoles, but for fans wanting their pictures taken with him, even fans of the Noles' most bitter rivals, the Florida Gators, he holds no grudges.

Winston was having a bite to eat Monday at Tampa's International Mall when a family of Gators fans, fully decked out in orange and blue in honor of the Outback Bowl, walked in.

"When we first walked into the restaurant he looked at us and said, 'You can't sit here,' while holding his hand over the table next to him," Brittany Galvin said. "It took me a minute to realize it was him. He was smiling and laughing. He followed with, 'I'm just kidding. Here, go ahead.'"

Galvin gently woke up her daughter Olivia, who is 4 months old, and asked if he would mind taking a picture with her. Galvin's husband joked, "There's no way he would do it, especially because she was in a Gator onesie!"

Winston responded immediately with, "Of course!"

Galvin then asked, "Do you want to hold her? Even though she's wearing blue?"

Winston responded, "She's so beautiful. Of course I will."

Galvin swears Olivia's stunned reaction isn't from being held by a former Seminoles quarterback but from the fact she'd just been woken her up from a nap. She also said Winston must have called her daughter "beautiful" at least five times.

"I woke up Olivia because I knew this would probably be the only time in history she would meet a quarterback for an NFL team," Galvin said. "Not to mention how well he played this season and the game the day before was a huge win!"

The best part though, aside from the priceless look on her face?

"The Gator game is what we were all watching," Galvin said.

Yes, even Winston. "He was right in front of the TV!"