The QB is a 'Cuber': Ryan Fitzpatrick offers Rubik's Cube class for kids

Fitzpatrick shows how to do a Rubik's Cube (2:30)

Buccaneers quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick displays how to finish a Rubik's Cube. Despite finishing in 74 seconds, Fitzpatrick says he made a few bad moves. (2:30)

TAMPA, Fla. -- Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't just helping the Tampa Bay Buccaneers solve their backup quarterback dilemma -- he's helping kids learn to solve Rubik's Cube too.

This offseason, he's been teaching an after-school class on how to solve the 3-D puzzles, which gained widespread popularity in the 1980s. He has 10 students, all in second or third grade. He flew back to New Jersey after Thursday's OTA practice to teach the final class.

"I limit it to 10 because teaching 10 kids how to do the Rubik's Cube at one time is difficult, but my second-grader and my fourth-grader come in and help me," said Fitzpatrick, a father of five. "It's just something that's kind of a hobby of mine that I have a lot of fun with, and there's a ton of interest in my son's school, people trying to learn it.

"I think right now we're up to six of the 10 can do it," Fitzpatrick said. "None of them can beat me yet, but there's one girl that's awful close. So Sabrina, I hope you're not practicing that much. Hopefully we'll get all 10 to do it by next week."

A Harvard graduate, Fitzpatrick earned his degree in economics, and he averages about one minute each time he completes the puzzle. His son Brady, who is in the fourth grade, can do it even faster. The current world record is 4.73 seconds, set in 2016.

"He makes me mad because he's at about 42 seconds, which gives him 18 seconds to watch me and laugh at me when I'm trying to finish mine," Fitzpatrick said. "And then I taught my wife [Liza] how to do it, so when she was in labor it was one of the things we did to keep her mind off of it. She was finishing Rubik's Cubes. She's sub-two minutes now, too."

He hasn't spoken to any of his new teammates about his talent, but would welcome the opportunity to teach them.

"I'll bring it up," Fitzpatrick joked. "DeSean [Jackson] might be a closet Cuber. ... I'm not a closet Cuber, I'm out there. I'm a Cuber."

Count Bucs starting quarterback Jameis Winston in.

“I heard about his Rubik’s Cube things," Winston said. “I don’t really play with the Rubik’s Cube that much, but I will be getting lessons from Ryan, so he can teach me how to get it done so I can show it off to other people.”

Fitzpatrick is into other games too.

"I like Backgammon. I like KenKen. Have you ever done KenKen? Those are fun."