Schiano: Goldson's history hurt

TAMPA, Fla. -- Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano said Wednesday that he believes safety Dashon Goldson's one-game suspension was more about history than anything else.

Goldson was suspended for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Roddy White in Sunday’s victory against Atlanta.

“History, I think, is the biggest culprit,’’ Schiano said.

Schiano has a very good point. The hit on White alone probably wouldn’t have drawn a suspension. But Goldson has a lengthy reputation for big -- and sometimes questionable -- hits. Goldson initially drew a one-game suspension early in the season, but that was overturned and reduced to a fine on appeal.

This time around, Goldson’s appeal was shot down and that was disappointing to Schiano.

“I’m not angry at him,’’ Schiano said. “I wish we had him. Dashon is a great guy to have on your football team. He’s a great teammate. He’s a great guy to coach. We’ve just got to get that fixed. We’ve got to get it adjusted.’’

But Schiano said he thought Goldson already had made positive strides.

“I thought he did make huge adjustments to his game since the last fine and suspension,’’ Schiano said.

The reality is that the adjustments came too late. Goldson’s reputation preceded everything else in this instance. It’s also important to note that the suspension comes at a time when the NFL is making player safety a bigger priority than ever before.

“The rules of the game are forever adjusting and they’ve adjusted in 2013 more than they have in the past,’’ Schiano said. “That’s fine. I understand. I get the big picture. We all want this game to keep moving forward. It’s the best game in the world. We don’t want it to get jeopardized by something that’s going on. The adjustment by the league, I understand it. We have to play within those rules. We have done a good job in a lot of ways doing that, but not in this instance.’’