Did Schiano hang up on Detroit media?

TAMPA, Fla. – There's a little bit of a stir in the Detroit media, where writers are saying Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano abruptly hung up at the end of Wednesday's conference call.

Schiano answered a question about MRSA, the staph infections that plagued the team earlier in the season.

"There's so much misinformation about that whole issue, not just with our instance but in general," Schiano said. "The fear that people with, really a lack of understanding and the reason I can say that is I didn't understand it. MRSA is everywhere. It's a matter of practicing good habits and hygiene and all that stuff. I think we're doing fine with that and unfortunately it affected some of the players, their health, and certainly our environment here as far as distraction goes, both of those things. I'm glad that's in the rear-view mirror and this team's doing nothing but looking forward."

It's important to note that shortly before the MRSA question that Detroit writers were told they were down to a "couple more questions" by a member of Tampa Bay's media-relations staff.

That commonly happens during Schiano's sessions with the Tampa Bay media.

"Guys, I appreciate it, I'll see you on Sunday," Schiano said as he ended the conference call.

That may seem like a hangup for a media corps that's not used to Schiano. But, for those who are around Schiano on a daily basis, it's pretty much par for the course.