Schiano: Goldson has zero margin for error

TAMPA, Fla. -- As Dashon Goldson returned to practice Wednesday following a one-game suspension for an illegal hit, his coach said the Tampa Bay safety will have to make changes to his game to avoid more problems.

Goldson has a history of illegal hits and had another one-game suspension overturned on appeal earlier this season.

“He understood it before because he’s a very bright guy,’’ coach Greg Schiano said. “I think when you have to sit out a week and you lose a paycheck [about $250,000], those are serious things. It affects your team and it affects yourself. He’s already adjusted his game immensely, so I don’t know how much more he can, but he will. He understands that there’s zero margin for error here. I think he will continue to adjust his game because he loves to play and he wants to help our team.

Schiano was asked if Goldson was a target for the league.

“I don’t think 'targeted,'’’ Schiano said. “But I think the flag doesn’t even have to be thrown for discipline and fines. Often times, plays aren’t penalized yet they’re fined. It’s written right in the policy, once you have a history, you are held to a higher degree of accountability in that area from the league.’’

Schiano is right about there being zero margin for error. If Goldson has any more questionable hits, he could be suspended for multiple games. Goldson’s physical style is part of what makes him good, but he needs to play under more control because the Bucs can’t afford to lose him for a longer period.