No need for Bucs to be conservative

TAMPA, Fla. -- Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano admitted Monday that he wished his team had been more aggressive on offense in Sunday’s loss to Carolina.

“We didn’t really ever get it rolling, but still there was opportunities that I needed to inject a ‘Let’s do it now’ because we had some stuff, like we do every week,’’ Schiano said. “I told you we had stuff in the plan and sometimes that can light a fire to your football team and in retrospect I wish I would of stepped in and said ‘Let’s do it now,’ but I didn’t. There were a couple of opportunities where I was close to doing it, but I didn’t and it wasn’t an apprehension or lack of confidence, because I had all the confidence in the world in our guys. I just didn’t think the timing was right. It’s been my experience when you force that stuff it doesn’t really work that well. I just never came to run it, but I do think that those things do sometimes energize your team, but the other thing we have to do is we have to continue to throw the ball down the field because when we do it we’re successful.

Schiano’s right -- in hindsight. Even with running back Doug Martin and receiver Mike Williams lost to season-ending injuries, the Bucs have plenty of talent at the offensive skill positions.

Letting that talent sit around without taking some shots isn’t doing the Bucs a lot of good. When you’re 3-9, it’s time to pull out all the stops.