Bucs getting shut out of Pro Bowl?

TAMPA, Fla. – It hasn’t been a banner season for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and that is showing in the polls.

When it comes to fan voting for the Pro Bowl, the Bucs register barely even a blip on the radar. Early results of the voting, which runs through Dec. 26, came out Wednesday, and the Bucs were barely visible.

Only two players finished in the top 10 at their respective positions – and they were barely in the top 10. Lavonte David is ninth among outside linebackers. Darrelle Revis is ninth among cornerbacks. That’s it. Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and wide receiver Vincent Jackson are having Pro Bowl-caliber seasons, but they’re not among the top 10.

But there still is hope for the Bucs to get some representation in the Pro Bowl. Fan ballots count for only one-third of the vote. Votes from coaches and players account for the other two-thirds.