Greg Schiano wants help from fans

TAMPA, Fla. -- Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano had a not-so-subtle message for Tampa Bay fans Thursday.

"I just throw this out there to our fans that, when a no-huddle team tries to communicate, if you can take the verbal communication out of it by fan noise, it's very, very helpful," Schiano said. "Now it's all hand signals. We need our own 12th man when we're on defense this week and I'm sure our fans will be ready to do that."

Sunday's opponent is the Buffalo Bills, a team that uses the no-huddle offense and Schiano wants the fans to be loud.

"I had an old line coach of mine who was a high school teacher and during training camp we all lose our voices," Schiano said. "He taught me a trick -- you drink lemon water and it saves your voice. So we'll get our fans some lemon water and get them screaming on Sunday."

A loud crowd can help, but the Bucs are making other preparations for Buffalo's fast-paced offense. Temperatures have been above normal the past two days and that trend is expected to continue through the weekend.

"Today, we were simulating the no-huddle with running a couple of huddles and running guys in and out," Schiano said. "I'm sure we'll have some I.V.'s flowing in the training room. The real feel out there was close to 90, so that will have an impact, I'm sure."