Schiano: 'Zero truth' to Penn State rumor

TAMPA, Fla. -- Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano shot down a report Tuesday that an intermediary had inquired about the possibility of the head coaching job opening at Penn State.

“There’s zero truth to that,’’ Schiano said. “Let me make it clear, the only job I want is the one I have right now.’’

Still, it’s the time of year when reports like this surface. There’s been speculation that Penn State coach Bill O’Brien could leave for an NFL job. There also has been speculation that Schiano, who once was a Penn State assistant, might not get a third season with the Bucs.

Essentially, Schiano’s fate is in the hands of Bryan, Joel and Ed Glazer. The three brothers are the team’s chairmen. They’re very private and sometimes unpredictable. If they’re going to part ways with Schiano, it likely would come soon after Sunday’s season finale at New Orleans.