Stock Watch: Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Mike Glennon. As long as Greg Schiano was the coach, Glennon was going to be the starting quarterback. But Schiano no longer is the coach. That job belongs to Lovie Smith. I’ve got to imagine Smith and his staff will, at the very least, bring in a quarterback to compete with Glennon. At most, they’ll bring in a quarterback to replace Glennon.

Darrelle Revis. This situation is one worth keeping an eye on. Smith uses the Tampa 2 system, while Revis prefers man-to-man coverage. Maybe Smith will adjust his scheme to accommodate Revis, who is scheduled to make $16 million next season. The Bucs wouldn’t take any salary-cap hit if they release or trade Revis.

Offensive line. There always are wholesale changes when a new coach takes over. But this unit might have the market cornered on change. The line didn’t play well all season. Tackle Donald Penn and guard Davin Joseph aren’t getting any younger and they’re making big salaries.


Lavonte David. He already has been compared to Derrick Brooks. And David already is viewed as one of the league’s top young outside linebackers. But the arrival of Smith might mean even bigger and better things for David. Smith was Tampa Bay’s linebackers coach at the start of Brooks’ career.

Gerald McCoy. When Smith looks at Tampa Bay’s roster and starts deciding what to build around, he has to start with McCoy, who might be the league’s best defensive tackle.

Tim Wright. The tight end made an impact as a pass-catcher as a rookie and created some good tape for the new coaching staff to watch. A new tight end still could be brought in. But Wright has done enough to secure a roster spot and he still has lots of upside.