Bucs' weekend mailbag

TAMPA, Fla. -- Let’s take a plunge into the mailbag.

Marc in Nashville, Tenn. wants to know when offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford and quarterback Mike Glennon can start working together.

Pat Yasinskas: Excellent question. The most recent collective bargaining agreement limits the amount of time players can spend at a team facility for work purposes. Glennon and Tedford aren’t officially allowed to start working together until the offseason program starts in April. The Bucs do have the advantage of having one extra minicamp because they have a new coaching staff.

Jean Paul in Jersey City, N.J. asks about the possibility of the Buccaneers pursuing tight end Jimmy Graham in free agency.

PY: I’d be all for it. Graham’s a rare talent and would be a big boost for any offense he plays for. The Bucs have the salary-cap room to pull off a signing like that. But I don’t know that Graham ever will hit the market. The Saints are likely to do everything in their power to keep Graham and that includes the use of the franchise tag.

Barry in Silsbee, Texas wonders if the Bucs might try to bring back defensive end Michael Bennett in free agency.

PY: That’s one I wouldn’t rule out. The Bucs clearly need a pass-rushing defensive end. For reasons I can’t put my finger on, the old coaching staff wasn’t sold on Bennett. But the new regime realizes it needs to improve the pass rush and adding Bennett might be one of the best ways to accomplish that.

Luke in San Jose, Calif. wants to know if the Bucs ever have considered moving wide receiver Vincent Jackson to tight end.

PY: I never heard any talk about it from the previous coaching staff and the new staff is getting settled in. Although Jackson has the size for such a move, my best guess is that it’s very unlikely. Jackson’s very good as a wide receiver and you don’t need to mess with something that’s working.