Kiper revisits 2013 Bucs draft

TAMPA, Fla. -- Take a look at this Insider pieceInsider in which Mel Kiper Jr. re-grades the 2013 NFL draft.

When it comes to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kiper's grade was pretty consistent with the one he gave right after the draft. Kiper gave the Bucs a B last spring and he's giving them a B-minus now.

I'd say that's fairly accurate and it's important to point out that Kiper counts the Darrelle Revis trade as part of this draft class because the Bucs gave up a first-round pick to get the cornerback. Tampa Bay's actual draft class was a mixed bag.

Second-round pick Johnthan Banks took some lumps, but has some upside. In the third round, the Bucs took quarterback Mike Glennon and, so far, the new coaching staff is saying nice things about him.

Fourth-round pick Akeem Spence got a lot of playing time as a rookie, but he might not be an ideal fit in the new defense. Defensive end William Gholston showed some promise late last season.

Although he wasn't a draft pick, Kiper also factored in rookie tight end Tim Wright. That's appropriate because White, a converted wide receiver, ended up catching 54 passes.