Strength of schedule: Tampa Bay Bucs

TAMPA, Fla. -- Even after a 4-12 season in 2013, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers don’t have an easy 2014 schedule.

The total 2013 win-loss percentage for their 2014 opponents comes to .484. That gives the Bucs the 19th-most difficult schedule in the league. Surprisingly, NFC South rivals Carolina and New Orleans, who both made the playoffs last season, face easier schedules.

Tampa Bay’s home schedule is especially hard as the Bucs face opponents that combined for a .523 winning percentage. Their road schedule is a little easier (.445).

Tampa Bay’s home opponents are the Falcons, Panthers, Saints, Packers, Vikings, Rams, Ravens and Bengals.

The road schedule consists of games against the Falcons, Panthers, Saints, Bears, Lions, Redskins, Browns and Steelers.