Bucs question: David vs. Kuechly

TAMPA, Fla. -- We’re going to start a new item here in which I feature one question from the mailbag.

Today’s question comes from Kevin in Florida, who wants to know why it seems as if Carolina linebacker Luke Kuechly gets more attention than Tampa Bay linebacker Lavonte David.

It might not be fair, but it’s true. Kuechly does get more recognition than David. Kuechly was voted the Defensive Player of the Year. David was snubbed for the Pro Bowl, although he did make first team All-Pro.

In my opinion, Kuechly and David are in the same ballpark, so why does Kuechly get the attention?

It’s pretty elementary. Kuechly played on a team that won the NFC South, while the Buccaneers finished 4-12. The world loves winners and that’s why Kuechly gets so much attention.

David isn’t quite as well known by common fans around the league because the Bucs are flying under the radar. But David’s recognition level can change. All he has to do is keep playing like he’s been playing. If the Bucs start faring a little better as a team, recognition will come David’s way.