No Darrelle Revis? No way

There has been some speculative talk (by fans and media) that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be better off parting ways with cornerback Darrelle Revis.

I ran that scenario past a former general manager for another team and he agreed. His logic was that the $16 million in cap space that Revis takes up could be used on three or four good players. And, like a lot of fans, the former general manager doubts the Bucs will be using Revis much in man-to-man coverage, even though they say they will.

But I disagree with this scenario. I don’t think the Bucs should get rid of Revis. Yes, he’s expensive. But you’re not going to find a better cornerback -- and Revis should be better than last year because he’s had more time to recover from knee surgery.

A cornerback like Revis is hard to find and the Bucs would be foolish to trade or release him. They need to keep him and use him the right way.

Coach Lovie Smith has made a career out of running the Tampa 2 defense. But that needs to change a bit. Smith needs to let Revis play man-to-man coverage most of the time.

That’s going to be a big adjustment for Smith. But the coach is a bright guy and he should realize he has a rare talent in Revis. So rare that the Bucs need to keep Revis and play to his strengths.